Watching Movies With Kathy Bates



I went to the movies last night with Kathy Bates, Cher, Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Peter Fonda, Demi Moore, Mike Myers, Sidney Poitier, Kurt Russell, and Kevin Spacey. The American Film Institute held their Target Presents AFI Night At The Movies and the celebs showed up to introduce their classic flicks: Bladerunner, The Usual Suspects, The Thing, Steel Magnolias, Pulp Fiction, Shrek, Norma Rae, Moonstruck, Ghost, Misery, In The Heat Of The Night, and Easy Rider. Whew! Busy Hollywood. The cherry on the cake? Iron Man III was premiering down the street at the El Capitan Theatre so you were screwed driving down either Sunset or Hollywood. Downey Jr. managed his way into his blockbuster in a red Audi Spyder.

Back at the Arclight, I chose to see Misery as I hadn’t seen Kathy Bates since party-hopping with her years ago at The Golden Globes. Bates walked in to the packed theatre in sky blue eyeglasses and pronounced, “This is a good house!” Her spooky character shows up onscreen and you still get the goose bumps. “I was very happy that Bette Midler declined to play Annie Wilkes,” Bates joked. She looked fantastic but her nerves got the better of her a few times talking. She had nothing to fret, pals all around. In another theatre, Moore presented Ghost and she recalled thinking, “It’s either going to be something really special, really amazing, or really an absolute bust…” As it was MacLaine’s birthday (in this lifetime), many folks stuck around for cake. I may have had an ice cream bar or two (like Fonda). Magnum Gold. Fine stuff.

Photographs courtesy of AFI / Michael Kovac and Getty Images

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  • Sue de Fraine

    You certainly move in good circles! Oh boy I remember Misery, was so scared of that film…Kathy Bates was evil breaking bones!!!