The Porsche Design Party

The German automaker design group partied—in three parts


For the first leg of Porsche Design’s 40th Anniversary event, you pulled up to the Porsche Design Boutique on Rodeo for cocktails and mingling with model-types and a lot of fellas in dark suits. Next, black VW’s (without plates) pulled up to ferry the crowd up, up, up to the end of a drive in Bel Air, then golf carts finished the trip to the John Lautner/ Sheats Goldstein House (owned by James Goldstein). Whew! The vast pad (which resembles a concrete spaceship which has crashed in the jungle) was turned into a museum with 40 years of Porsche accessories in every nook and cranny. Glasses, helmets, pens, etc. were displayed on models wearing body paint (cordinated to match the walls and plants) perched in and around the house. It was just enough wrong to be right. Outside concrete steps are fastened onto the side of the hill where you had to hang onto palm trees to avoid a nasty tumble. I stuck to drinking orange juice. A scuba diver in the pool waved to folks inside.

While the crowd ate steak tartar and Parmesan chips created by German chef Nelson Mueller and co. (Schote) and smoked Cohibas, someone with an accent told me the third leg of the party would begin soon. Third leg? Where were we going now? Would we have to hike through the bush to get there? Big guards opened a door to the tennis courts and there was an elaborate set-up for a fashion and uber impressive laser show. Actress Kate Beckinsale made an appearance to introduce Porsche Design Group CEO Juergsen Gessler, then Lena Meyer-Landrut (Eurovision Song Contest winner two years running) sang a tune before perfect models sliced the catwalk in the latest accessories. At the end, Porsche’s new ladies handbag (due out in 2013) ascended into the sky via white hot air balloons. Then dinner was served again, representing four decades of cuisine. I got in line for something made of foam and popcorn behind two modelesque gals from Norway. They said they were living in the house (well, there is plenty of room). Goldstein must make a fortune renting his place out, as any party I have ever been to here is spectacular. It was nice to be able to see all of his improvements; the last time I was there construction was underway. I petered out around 10 when the golf carts (driving only in reverse as there wasn’t enough room to turn around) came back for me. Danke Schon, Porsche.

Photographs courtesy WireImage

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    ….and everyone got to take home a Porsche for the weekend………?