The Not So Secret Hand And Footprint Ceremony Of Ben Stiller


Tom Cruise left his Ray Bans at home (it was cloudy this afternoon) and Adam Sandler put on a clean (albeit wrinkled) Puma t-shirt to help pal Ben Stiller immortalize his hands and feet in the cement in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre. Stiller’s family also joined in the fun (cute kid alert) as did Stiller’s pals Adam Scott, Mickey Rooney and Judd Apatow. Also on lending a hand – suits Jeffrey Katzenberg and Jim Gianopilos. Why the hoopla? Stiller’s flick The Secret Life of Walter Mitty opens on December 25th.


Photographs by Alex J. Berliner / ABImages


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  • Fred

    Since the Chinese bought the naming rights to Grauman’s, there have been some odd things going on at the theatre. With all due respect to Mr. Stiller, he really doesn’t belong in the company of the legends immortalized in cement there. And a short while back, they added the prints of a Chinese director that most Americans have never even heard of.

    If they’re not careful, they will dilute the genuinely great honor of having one’s prints placed in cement in Grauman’s courtyard, and will reduce it to just another media publicity stunt, timed to help market an upcoming movie.