Partying With Liz’s Jewelry


I once attended a party where the host, Dennis Tito, couldn’t make it because he’d paid over $20 million and was, at that moment, rocketing up to the International Space Station with a couple of Russian cosmonauts. Last night I attended a party for the biggest star in the universe, Elizabeth Taylor…well…her jewelry.

Bulgari’s bash was very retro glam despite a soggy lavender carpet (it rained hard) and drew celeb-u-peeps like Julianne Moore, Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Dunst, Paul Haggis and Naomi Watts. There were also a few Italian royals thrown into the mix: Princess Patricia Ruspoli, Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and Princess Clotilde Courau.

The jewelers bought back some of Taylors many Bulgari baubles from her estate and has displayed them in the Rodeo Drive store. Many of them were purchased during her first fling with Richard Burton. Appropriately enough, the party theme last night was 1960’s Rome and many of Taylor’s favorite things are there: her jewels, two pugs were being walked around the white lattice tables, and chili was served (I don’t think it was her fav Chasen’s chili though) out of white tureens. Julianne Moore actually wore Taylor’s emerald necklace and pendant (total 60.5 karats). Also wearing Bulgari sparklers? Barrymore, Dunst, Watts, Kate Walsh and Marisa Tomei.

I loved that Taylor always wore her jewels (I mean on every finger, each wrist and never had a bare neck) and didn’t stash them away. She would tell the story behind each item to anyone who asked. I think she would have had a terrific time last night.

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  • Sue de Fraine

    What a great evening that must have been for a great British icon. Beautiful gems, and what a treat to see them, I thought they had all been sold????