Buon Giorno Brioni!

The Italian atelier opens a new boutique in Bev Hills


There were three events on Rodeo drive the night Brioni opened it’s doors. I followed a couple of gents in impeccable suits walking down the street because I knew where they were headed. Really. That’s why I was following them. Brioni combined their opening night with an Artists For Peace and Justice fundraiser and when I walked in the first person I spotted was the organization’s founder, director Paul Haggis. He started the nonprofit in 2009 and has many fundraisers to help build schools in Haiti. “We’re so proud of our partnership with Brioni,” he said. “Corporate sponsors are really hard to get. It’s easy to ask your friends. With Brioni though, I didn’t need to ask.” He also marveled at the store (which is really pretty). “Looks great. It’s hard to take what is essentially a long shoebox and make it full of light and life.” And they have. I made one mistake though leaning back on what I thought was a wall—it is a giant, sleek wardrobe. There are two. And they move. There was a lovely singer and champagne and canapés. Franceso Pesci, Brioni’s CEO and master tailor Angelo Petrucci were both on hand as True Blood’s Chris Bauer and Director Edoardo Ponti (Sophia’s son). It was nice for once that every time I uttered my usual “mi scusi, grazie” to pass through a group of people that got a “prego” now and then. Sweet.

    • Full frontal

    • The party starts

    • The Seen

      Paul Haggis and Chris Bauer

    • Edoardo Ponti, Franceso Pesci (Brioni CEO) and producer Jo Champa

    • Model Maximilliano Pantene

Photographs by Wireimage

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  • Sued

    Very posh shop front, and elegant to boot inside….of course people will answer you with prego….your polite so they are in return. Happy Frdiay and welcome to a lovely weekend here in the UK, sunshine all the way…..