Book Party For COMMANDO

The late Johnny Ramone’s autobiography is feted by Lisa Marie Presley and Chris Cornell at Soho House


During the end of his life Johnny Ramone was writing his autobiography. His widow Linda (and Abrams) published it and it is very cool and in the Ramone founder’s own words. COMMANDO: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone is also colorful and fast-paced (appropriate) and the party following the book signing was a good time high above the Sunset Strip (again, appropriate). The bash was thrown by Lisa Marie Presley (of Elvis’s loins) and Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) and people like Billy Idol, Pete Yorn, Shepard Fairey, Rose McGowan, Jo Champa, Rosanna Arquette, and Juicy Couture’s Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor among others all stopped by to have a drink. And a slider from the slider bar – a fine trend. The lights were low, the music fine (I had to smile when an Elvis tune flitted by) and people in leather coats (and a surprising number furs) popped in an out. Billy Idol (looking good) showed up carrying his motorcycle helmet and simply set it in the corner before making his rounds. It was casual and raucous and folks milled about telling stories for hours. RIP Johnny. More info on the book

    • Pamela Skaist-Levy, Linda Ramone and Gela Nash-Taylor

    • Chris Cornell and Vicky Karayiannis

    • The Seen

      Riley Keough and Lisa Marie Presley

    • Billy Idol

    • Linda Ramone, JD King and Tarina Tarantino

    • Todd Morgan and Rosanna Arquette

Photographs by Wireimage

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  • Sued

    So… were in your leather and fur then as well? Lovely folk at the party.

  • KariM

    Nope. I don’t own leathers or fur. I was pretty drab. Cooler yet – I took the bus home.