Bangers And Mash, Kardashians, And Funny Smelling Cigarettes


It was a busy week. Tommy Hilfiger opened his new store on Robertson then had a party-after-the-party at Soho House. The same night, Topshop and Topman hosted an opening bash at Cecconi’s for their new HUGE store at The Grove. There was so much party cross-over (celebs hopping from one to the other) that I forgot which bash I was at half the time. J.Lo was there, then she was there…it was red carpet chaos. Here are some bite-sized nibbles…

Old English: Cecconi’s served bite-sized traditional English cuisine—bangers and mash, fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, etc. Appropriately enough, Russell Brand walked in right as I was taking my first bite. Tommy Hilfiger and his wife popped by the bash before hitting his after-party—I should have asked for a ride. Jane Seymour, lovely but over-dressed.

Feather Duster: Kim Kardashian showed up with Mom Kardashian at Topshop/Topman. Feathers hid her baby bump. Didn’t spy Kanye at Cecconis, but he joined the ladies at Tommy Hilfiger’s after-party. Kim, Mom and Kanye moved through the party with Kanye reaching out for toothpick spiked canapés as they snaked through the crowd.

Still Got It: Alicia Keys performed first at Tommy Hilfiger’s post-bash. Tough room (extremely loud talkers) but sang above the din, singing much faster than Super Bowl Sunday. A few hours later, Axl Rose got up with Guns N’Roses. He looks like Mickey Rourke but still sounds like bourbon and razorblades (in a good way). I caught wafts of funny smelling cigarettes coming from the smoking lounge.

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