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  • Elina Shatkin

    Senior Editor

    As a food writer and restaurant critic for the L.A. Weekly, Shatkin was best known for her “30 Days” missions, in which she reviewed the same item (burgers, sandwiches, ice cream) from a different restaurant for 30 consecutive days. Before that, she was a staff writer for the Calendar section of the Los Angeles Times and the events and festivals editor for the paper’s short-lived Guide. Shatkin has been a contributor to the book EAT: Los Angeles, film editor of LAist, and a writer for such publications as American Cinematographer, Bitch, Toque, and Variety. She is a regular guest on KCRW’s Good Food. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, and raised in Cupertino, she is an alumnus of the UCLA School of Film & Television.


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