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  • Ann Herold

    Managing Editor

    Herold was at the Los Angeles Times from 1983 to 2007, and was managing editor of the Times’ Sunday magazine for 16 years. The Santa Barbara native has written extensively on her hometown and on homes and gardens, food, travel, and sports, and won a James Beard Foundation Award for a piece that appeared in Saveur magazine. She is also a senior lecturer in journalism at the University of Southern California.


Building a Mystery: The Bethlehem Baptist Church

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The Sound of Hooves Clapping in the Hood

Horses in the Hood, a program that offers riding camps to the children of Watts and Compton, paired up with Father Greg Boyle's Homeboy Industries for the first time this summer. The positive results were on display Friday. Read more...

Postscript: The Tall Ship Bounty Is Back In the News

This week the Coast Guard began hearings into the sinking of the tall ship Bounty after it sailed into the full force of Hurricane Sandy last October. Former USC Song Girl Claudene Christian, who died in the ship's sinking, is the subject of a profile in this month's issue Read more...

Water Logged: A Q&A with Matt White About His February Feature, "The USC Song Girl and the Sea"

Matt White, who writes about the life and death of former USC Song Girl Claudene Christian in our February issue, talks with managing editor Ann Herold about Christian’s last moments spent aboard the tall ship Bounty in the Atlantic during Hurricane Sandy—and the unusual course his own life has taken since he was a USC student Read more...