5900 Wilshire Gets The Shaft: Westside Subway Extension Begins This Week

The L.A. Metro will be building an “exploratory shaft” of its soon to be new-and-improved Purple Line right next door to our building


It may not look like much yet, but what you see in the above photo is the very early (very orange) beginning of the Westside Subway Extension project. That’s right: our  street corner is acting as a lab rat for the L.A. Metro, which will be building an “exploratory shaft” of its soon to be new-and-improved Purple Line (the last station of which is currently at Wilshire/Western). 

Once it’s completed, the westward extension will include nine more miles of track with seven additional stops, including Beverly Hills, Century City, and Westwood.

Quick poll: Will YOU take the Purple Line once construction is complete? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • StuartP

    I certainly won’t. What is this, Paris? We’re in LA, and as we know, there’s nothing more privileged than to sit in traffic for insurmountable hours while we catch up on texting, content that we’re keeping the oil companies rich and contributing to that wonderful brown opalescence that makes our skies so picture-perfect.

    If God would have intended us to ride together on public transport, he wouldn’t have created the Escalade.

  • DarylS


  • PaulRS_90036

    It will likely be inconvenient in the short term, but that will pale compared to the long term benefits. Go, Metro–git ‘er done. We’ve been getting “the shaft” long enough. Looking forward to walking to this station and taking the Purple Line to Disney Hall for L.A. Phil concerts in the future.

  • ChrisJ_2946

    Can’t wait till this is built! Enough of the NIMBYs . Union Station zip right to Westwood. Great for the UCLA Students and Commuters.Got forbid if City Planners try to get people out of their cars !!! Next stop LAX!. All they have to do is fight the Taxi Lobby.

  • tWiZsHiZ

    Of course. When I lived in California before, I worked in Hollywood. This was before the Red Line went to Hollywood Blvd. I lived in Long Beach near the Anaheim Station and worked on Sunset and Highland. I used to catch the Blue Line to Downtown L.A. and then catch the Sunset bus to Highland. If I worked there today, I would catch the Red Line instead to Hollywood/Highland and walk to Sunset. I had a car back then and still rode the train and bus to get to work.

    I used to visit Westwood a lot to see new releases at the Mann theatre. With the Purple Line opening in a few years, I could catch the Purple Line there instead making the trip a lot faster and easier. Because I did not want to catch the long Line 21 route, I drove there before.

    The Purple Line and the current Red Line would be a great addition to the Los Angeles area along with the Expo Line going all the way to Santa Monica.

    One wish: I know they have late Friday and Saturday night trips now, but I would love to see an owl schedule with a frequency of one or two hours. That would be a great fit for Los Angeles, to all lines.

    Anyway, I cannot wait. The next time I visit Los Angeles, I will not be able to ride the Purple Line because it will be under construction, but I would like to see the other lines that are recently opened. The last time I was in Los Angeles was in 2004.

    Thank you.

  • D Girard

    I would definitely use the purple line. I used to live in Hollywood, but not walking distance to the red line, and I had to take the perpetually late bus line 210, and deal with their unbelievably rude drivers. Now I live in Boyle Heights, and am 2 blocks away from Mariachi Square, and can transfer to the red line and go downtown, or take it all the way to Universal City Walk, if I wanted to. I have prayed for a line to go to Westwood and eventually Santa Monica. I don’t mind taking the Big Blue Bus, it is always pleasant, not like the really unpleasant, overcrowded Metro buses. I have knee problems and the drivers always stop about two feet away from the curb. I have fallen and hurt myself before. Santa Monica’s “Kneeling Bus” is so much better, and the drivers are mindful of people with disabilities. So are the passengers. I would prefer a line to there, and I hope to see that happen before I kick the bucket.

  • dgirard

    I forgot to say “IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!”