Undoubtedly Glamorous: Gwen Stefani’s New Nails

Her collection of seven limited-edition OPI lacquers has finally hit shelves


When I was 13 years old, I used to buy grunge baggy jeans and pair them with a cropped top so I could be like Gwen Stefani in the Hey Baby video. Good (tacky) old times when it was ok to dress like that. (Was it really ok? Maybe it was only for her.)

Gwen recently joined Instagram to announce she’s expecting another child—a boy, and while we wait to see his glammy cute face, we can drool over her latest creation: her signature collection from OPI. The brand explains that punk rock was their inspiration for these new nail lacquers, and who better then Gwen Stefani to represent beauty and rock at the same time?

What’s great about this collection is that it totally matches Gwen’s style. 

The seven new limited-edition nail polishes are designed for fashion-forward ladies who can’t get enough of sparkles and strong colors. And if you are a big fan of No Doubt, you’ll notice that some of the polish names were taken from their songs.

I test drove five shades from the collection, and I absolutely love all of them. Here is my first impression and some tips on how to wear them (from left to right):

Pinky: 4 in the Morning
This black satin is just gorgeous and it has a soft shimmer. After it dries, you can see a beautiful matte finish.

Ring Finger: In True Stefani Fashion
I have to say, this bottle of sparkles is my favorite. It’s pure silver glitter that gets even more beautiful if you apply a base coat, but you don’t have to. Tip: For a glamorous look, you can apply it over the 4 in the Morning.

Middle Finger: I Sing in Color
This dark hue reminds me of a shade you might see on a vampire. It’s almost black, but you can see a red glow around the edges of the nails.

Forefinger: Love.Angel.Music.Baby
Expect a satin gold with a matte finish. It’s so beautiful, and you can also wear In True Stefani Fashion as a topcoat here.

Thumb: Hey Baby
OPI has given us yet another classic, creamy hot pink. The texture makes it easy to apply, and it dries very quickly.

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  • Priscilla

    Love OPI and these new colors! Will have to try them soon!

  • Carol

    Love the colors!!!!
    Gwen used to be my role model when i was a teenager as well, and she still is!
    Always flawless and gorgeous body!
    I´ll definetly buy some of these , probably the ” 4 in the morning” one.