The Sartorial Sleuth Uncovers Lovelace-Inspired Threads


When it comes to porn, clothing is usually immaterial. Not so with Lovelace, the new biopic starring Amanda Seyfried about the Golden Age of Porn. Though Linda Lovelace became famous for undressing, we’re clamoring for her clothes: body-hugging halters, diaphanous dresses, and denim skirts. Unlike today’s skin-tight sex stars, Lovelace mixed small-town sweetness with flirty glamour. Had your fill of the ’90s floral trend?  Here’s where to get into the ’70s groove. Ladies love Shareen Vintage, a well-edited warehouse of feminine frocks. Industry insiders hit up the reworked vintage, inspiration racks, and new dresses designed in-house. Travel back in time at Jet Rag, a one-stop thrift emporium. Racks of organized, decade-spanning duds means less digging, more shopping. Lovelace was the poster girl for the sexual revolution.  Flip through the slideshow above for seventies-inspired pieces—no nudity necessary. (And scroll down to peep the Lovelace trailer)

With over 10 years of costume designing under her belt, Alexis Steinman has shopped this town inside and out. Working on prominent shows (“Weeds”, “CSI”) and outfitting an array of celebs (Jenna Elfman, Anne Hathaway, Sir Richard Branson), this industry insider will be sharing her cinema secrets with us weekly.

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