The Sartorial Sleuth Goes Totally ’80s With The Goldbergs


What if the Wonder Years had an Extreme Makeover? Enter The Goldbergs, ABC’s totally ’80s, family comedy.  Premiering this Tuesday, Jeff Garlin stars in this bonanza of big hair, bigger shoulder pads, and bodacious colors. While we’re happy to leave some of those tubular trends behind (see perms, Cosby sweaters), we are digging the return of acid-wash, fringe, and high-waisted everything.  Where you gonna pop some tags?  Along  Melrose—L.A.’s boulevard of thrift–Slow stands out for it’s stellar selection. Hop on over to Lemon Frog, in Echo Park, for accessories.  Scroll through our slideshow to be more than a fashion one hit wonder.

Slow  7474 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood 323.655.6725
Lemon Frog  1202 N. Alvarado St., Echo Park 213.413.2143

With over 10 years of costume designing under her belt, Alexis Steinman has shopped this town inside and out. Working on prominent shows (“Weeds”, “CSI”) and outfitting an array of celebs (Jenna Elfman, Anne Hathaway, Sir Richard Branson), this industry insider will be sharing her cinema secrets with us weekly.

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