The Sartorial Sleuth Breaks Bad


They say the hat makes the man. On Breaking Bad, it was a black pork pie that completed the brainy Walter White’s morph into bad-ass Heisenberg. Just in time for the final season’s start on Sunday, Goorin Bros. will debuting the Official Collector’s Edition Heisenberg Hat and Box Set. The limited release American made set (only 1,895 created) includes a 100% wool felt porkpie Heisenberg hat,  Breaking Bad-themed butcher paper wrapping and hat box, a serial-numbered certificate of authenticity, and custom interchangable hat pins. The set is $195 and will be sold exclusively at Goorin Bros. shops and online at Now, you can be the one who knocks—officially.

With over 10 years of costume designing under her belt, Alexis Steinman has shopped this town inside and out. Working on prominent shows (“Weeds”, “CSI”) and outfitting an array of celebs (Jenna Elfman, Anne Hathaway, Sir Richard Branson), this industry insider will be sharing her cinema secrets with us weekly.

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