Street Style: Patch and Piece


Who: Keith Bramlette

What: Seaweed clothing baseball tee, Zara trench, Levi’s, Kenneth Cole boots. Accessorized with Verameat rings and handmade Juicy Couture bracelet.

Where: Franklin and Vermont, grabbing a bite at Fred 62.

Personal Style: “My style is classy, yet relaxed. I like to find things not many people have or wear. I’m constantly altering my clothing with patches and different sleeves. I let a lot of nature and what I do give my clothing character, for example the oil on my boots are from my motorcycle and I try not to wash my jeans very much. Constantly off balance, yet striving for the necessities we each crave as human beings to make us unique.”

Designers in slideshow: Barena Venezia, Joe’s Jeans, Alexander McQueen, Levi’s, and Illesteva.

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