Oscar Red Carpet Bingo


It’s the Oscar moment everyone waits for, the presenter approaches the podium, and announces those four thrilling words, “And the envelope please…” Marc Friedland of Creative Intelligence designed this years’ envelope to be as equally unforgettable as the ceremony. He gave us some tips for making our own Oscar parties more memorable. “There’s a lot of great ways to bring the excitement of what’s going on at the Kodak Theater into your living room,” says Friedland. “The Oscars are a great way to get people together and celebrate the movies in all of us. It doesn’t have to be a huge production.”

Handing out awards and playing games are always fun, Friedland recommends giving a “Golden Hanger” award to your best-dressed guests. And you can download PDFs of his Red Carpet Bingo cards from his site https://www.postmark.com/spotlight/party-tips/

Print them out and have guest play along, filling squares whenever someone wearing sequins is spotted, or we see a full bear, or Harry Winston jewels on the red carpet. We plan to play Oscar night!

Friedland gave us some insight on how he created this years’ oh-so-special envelopes and how to make your own Oscar party memorable.

 Q & A:

 What’s most rewarding about designing the winner’s envelope for the prestigious Academy Awards?

“I’ve been in business 25 years, helping people celebrate their most momentous occasions. Everything we’ve been doing is capturing and commemorating these significant moments. Nothing compares to that one moment when presenters say, ‘and the envelope please.’ They’ve been using an envelope to deliver the news for 70 years. This is the first time it’s ever been designed.” 


What materials did you use to design the envelope, and where did you get your inspiration?

“It’s an iridescent gold material that picks up the light, with a beautiful red lacquered liner featuring a step-and-repeat pattern of the Oscar statuette. Each one is hand crafted. Each one only touched by fifty people between presenters and winners. It’s a very exciting process.”

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