On Trial: Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy


No matter how much I spoil my hair with “next innovation in health care” type products, I can’t quite manage to achieve the same level of luster seen on the ads. My curls wouldn’t bounce and shine like Zooey’s no matter how much Pantene I lather it with. I’d accepted that “perfect” hair could only be attained with a little t.v. magic, but then I tried Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy

Keratin Complex Infusion is a high-pH formula that opens the cuticle of the hair and replenishes it with necessary keratin proteins and emollients. Sealed in with the heat of a blow dryer or straightening iron, the formula is able to repair and revitalize hair from within, leaving natural-looking smoothness and shine. A pea-sized amount of Keratin Complex Infusion is all that is needed, and it can be applied evenly on wet or dry hair. It is intended to maintain hair that has undergone Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy, but also works on hair that has not (like mine). The package recommends blow-drying or flat ironing hair for optimal results.

I experimented with various methods of using the product on my hair, which is thick, frizzy in humidity, and quick to lose its shine. First, I tried spreading it through dry hair and found minimal results. The next day, I used a flat iron and found an increase in shine. The most dramatic and long-lasting results, including healthier-looking ends and less frizz in humid weather, occurred when I blow-dried and styled wet hair infused with the product. Longer exposure to heat, which I tried to avoid until now, emphasizes the products effects.

The verdict: Keratin Complex Infusion is guilty of causing envy. I won’t go as far as to say that my hair is “perfect,” but it’s as close (and smooth and shiny) as it’s ever gonna get. The formula stands apart from other products because the only trace of it is a sweet fruit and coconut scent—no residue, no oil, no grease (a huge plus!). Most importantly, it turns the otherwise damaging acts of blow-drying and flat ironing into something that rebuilds truly healthy looking hair.

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  • Renata

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