Mani Makeover: DIY The French Foil


In this DIY we’re taking a new approach on the oh-so-loved “French Manicure.” The French Foil is a new and exciting twist on the original beauty, and all you’ll need are a few nail products and some kitchen basics! Check out the slideshow above along with the step-by-step guide below, and you’re on your way to fab nails!

What You Will Need: Base Coat/Top Coat, a polish of your choice, scissors, an Emory board, and a small piece of kitchen foil .

Step One: Cut a very thin strip from your small piece of foil, about the width of a quarter. (The strip does not have to be a specific length because you will be trimmin it from nail to nail. About 9 inches should cover all 10 nails).

Step Two: Apply a base coat followed by your nail polish of choice.

You may need a few coats of polish to get your desired color, especially with the lighter shades.

*Hint: the thinner the coat of polish the better, try to avoid globing it on.

Step Three: Let the polish dry for three minutes.

Step Four: Apply a small line of Top Coat across to top of the nail.

Step Five: Lay the foil (shiny side up) across the clear coat pressing the foil down with the edge of an Emory board if needed (avoiding touching the actual polish). Repeat on remaining nails.

Step Six: Clip off the extra foil with small scissors or nail clippers.

Step Seven: Apply a clear Top Coat and viola! You have just completed your own French Foil!

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