I Was Bumby’d!


I got Bumby’d on Wednesday at the two-year anniversary party for Stylehaüs. Guards cleared the way as the New York-based performance art duo,  The Bumbys walked in swiftly and took their positions. The pair, in complete disguise, hid their identities with scarves, sunglasses, a red wig, and a cap. They sat down and almost immediately dozens of guests lined up. I nabbed a spot in line.

Known for their “Fair & Honest Appraisal of Your Appearance,” judges Gill and Jill Bumby assess the fashion of individuals at various events and parties. Equipped with typewriters, card stock, and sharpies (for last minute comments and corrections), they get to work.

When it came time for my fashion critique, I looked up to find Gill Bumby staring at me in complete silence. Instantaneously, his fingers flew and he began to type away. The interaction was a little awkward, but I loved every second of it. Check out the photo above to see their assessment of me and my style. Who knew that a little black dress and red clutch could say so much? 

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