Food Truck Fashion: The People Watcher


Los Angeles magazine style intern Leticia Katz grabs lunch on the go and hunts for stylish food truck patrons outside the LA Mag offices…

TRUCK: Banh in the USA

WHO: Maria Welles, UX designer


WEARING: “Zappos booties, Target shirt and bracelet, Ross skirt, Forever 21 Cardigan, Revlon lipstick, Anthropology necklace, Céline glasses, and the purse was a gift from a friend.”

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE: “I’m not inspired by any celebrity, but Bill Cunningham is my biggest inspiration. I like street fashion. I like watching people in the streets and how they are dressed. I saw this girl wearing shorts, ankle boots and a plaid shirt, and I just thought she looked great, you know?”

LAST THING YOU BOUGHT: “The Céline glasses on eBay.”

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