Flashback Fridays: Gangnam Style


Style editor Linda Immediato takes requests from readers (*see details below), colleagues, and friends, recreating modern looks from their sartorial memories. This Friday, we go all the way back to…. last week with—Gangnam Style

This request was made by Ben from Canada:

“How do I get that Gangnam look? I want to dress classy and dance cheesy. I want to be noticed. It’s sharp, it says’ I’m rich.’ Overdressed on purpose. It’s a serious look.”

Well, Ben from Canada, the popularity of Gangnam Style has deep L.A. roots. K-pop star PSY has said the Gangnam District is like the Beverly Hills of South Korea. Celebs passed around the singer’s video which helped it go viral.  Before you could say “Oppa,” Dodger Stadium had a PSY Dance Cam, and Pasadena (of all places) gave birth to the first Gangnam Style flash mob. And of course, who can forget the forteen El Monte lifeguards who were controversially canned for their parody of the vid? Yes, L.A. has had a lot to do with the Gangnam Style phenom.

You can pull off this look in JUST 4 easy pieces: (below, top row, from left) 1.) DSquared tuxedo jacket with piping 2.) Alexander Olch bow tie (preferably untied) 3.)  wingtip Vans, 4.) black Tom Ford sunglasses. Basically, just ape Brad Goreski’s look (below, bottom row, right). He’s been Gangnam Styling it for years. Now put your feet in imaginary stirrups and ride ’em cowboy!


 * Have a look from your past that you’d like our style editor to recreate for you? Email her at [email protected], put “Flashback Friday” in the subject box and include a reference photo. 





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  • DavidL_9910

    I am going to shamelessly promote my site. I have also been looked around to pull off Gangnam Style, but it was bit hard to find the exact style. Even if I find the right style, the people would have time recognizing who I am trying to be because of my fit. I am bit thin to be like Psy; just like the guy in the example you have posted. What I have recognized also is that it’s not just the outfit that is going to get people to say “Gangnam Style” It has alot to do with your attitude and how you carry yourself. Sounds bit cheesy, but here is what I have done so far.