Exclusive: Mayor Villaraigosa on his Made in L.A. Initiative


The first day of Market Week was nothing short of exciting, especially with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s announcement of the contest-winning logo selected for the Designed/Made in L.A. initiative—a series of efforts established to provide support for our local design and manufacturing industry. The event was held at 4:00 p.m. today in downtown L.A.’s Cooper Design Space.

The winning logo (right) was designed by Youth Monument. It received the highest number of online votes from Angelenos. Cleverly merging visual images of apparel design and manufacturing, this insignia will appear on the printed and woven tags of garments of local brands, as well as digitally to direct interest to online resources. According to Amanda Parsons of the Mayor’s press office, spreading the logo will help “raise the profile of LA brands, make the world aware of our production and manufacturing capacity and establish the City as a creative hub in the fashion industry.”

Villaraigosa is collaborating with the U.S. Secretary for International Trade, Francisco Sánchez, to create this online registry of local apparel suppliers and manufacturers represented by the logo. All eyes are on L.A. since the initiative will act as a model for a nationwide campaign to increase exports and meet the goals of President Obama’s 2010 National Export Initiative.

We had the opportunity to ask Mayor Villaraigosa a few questions regarding this campaign for local growth: 

Why Now?

“As we recover from the worst economic recession since the great depression, we’re leveraging every asset our city has to create jobs.”

Why L.A.?

“Los Angeles is where the world creates and innovates and that applies to our apparel design and manufacturing industries.

This is an industry that has survived and thrived in Los Angeles for nearly a century. [Now] the industry is made up of over 10,000 apparel manufacturing and wholesale firms that support 110,000 jobs in the Los Angeles Region. The companies from Los Angeles contribute immensely to the local, national and global economy. Not only are we committed to the industry’s growth domestically, we are also committed to assisting its global expansion and new market development abroad.”

Our favorite Villaraigosa quote: “We aren’t big on runways and fashion shows in Los Angeles—but we get down to business.”

Photograph courtesy of A. Villaraigosa Press Office.

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