Death Before Shaving


Sporting facial hair has been a long growing trend for dudes in L.A. Now Beardgang is here to make your beard a fashion statement, and it seems to have attracted quite the following. Designer Adam Goldston gave us an exclusive look at the brand’s new gear, which is available mid-November. Shirts start at $36, sweatshirts at $66, and hats at $44. Manufactured in Los Angeles, the line has grown dramatically since its launch in 2011. “My inspiration was my beard and how everyone gravitated towards it,” says Goldston. “Subsequently my friends started to grow their beards. It started off as a small group/brotherhood that caught on via social media and now we have over 260,000 Beardgang mentions alone on Instagram.” The most recent celebrities rocking Beardgang include Rick Ross, DJ Smallz, James Harden, and various Miami Heat basketball players.

Take a look at the slide show above for the latest Beardgang swag.

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