Dear Portlandia, Put a Fox On It (VIDEO)


Watch out—wild animals are invading. First, the avian trend took flight, especially after Portlandia showed us how to “put a bird on it” (it referring to just about anything). Then deer and owls, sitting higher on the food chain at least, climbed in popularity.

Now, designer brands like Tory Burch and Burberry tell us those creatures have been outfoxed. Whether the fox appears large in a print or remains a sly little detail, the trend has left its (paw) print this year.

As for next year’s woodland trend, perhaps Rent A Swag by Tom Haverford of NBC’s Parks and Recreation will have everyone in raccoon hats

Clockwise: Burberry Fox Umbrella, $850. Tory Burch Fox-Studded Bracelets, $125 each. Tory Burch Fox iPhone Case, $48. Wilfox Couture Pendant, $59. Sugarhill Boutique Fox Printed Dress, $85. Burberry Studded Fox Clutch, $3295. Burberry Fox Ring, $425. 


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