Countdown to Coachella: What to Pack (Rock Edition)

Haim, Beck, Queens of the Stone Age—whichever act you’re going to Indio to see, we’ve got you covered


Coachella, the two-weekend, three-day music and arts festival, is just around the corner. You’re either going, or you’re dreaming of all the brunch places that you’ll finally be able to get a table at when the city clears out starting this Friday. With lots of different acts spanning lots of different genres, you may be wondering what to wear. We’ve got you covered. In the first of a three-day countdown, we’re offering some style inspiration based on the bands you might be there to see. Of course, there’s no hard and fast rules, except one: Stay cool. Literally. It’s going to be, like, 90 degrees.  


Coachella Cute


L.A.’s hippest sister act, Haim, takes the stage this Friday, and these ladies know how to rock androgynous angles with a femme edge. You can do the same in gladiator sandals, a kimono, a flower crown, some aviator shades, and, in the spirit of Alana (aka Baby Haim), a pair of cutoffs. You won’t catch her up there without them.

Coachella Crazy



The macho Queens of the Stone Age will show you their riffs on Saturday night. The dudes hail from Palm Desert and have a robot-rock sound, as vocalist Josh Homme likes to say. The pound of their instruments tells you they mean business, and so should you with a no-nonsense outfit: overalls, a pair of butt-kicking boots, and a headband to keep the hair from flying in your face while moshing.

Coachella Relaxed


Folk, pop, rock, country, funk—you can’t pin Beck down. His music is a crazy-fun blend of styles, so why not mix and match some pieces in your wardrobe, meaning cobble together whatever’s clean, come Sunday? Not that a little grime will be out of place with this “Loser.” 

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