Bargain Bragging


I was on a mission this past Sunday. I needed to find a gift for my roommate’s birthday so I headed to the Melrose Trading Post. My go to for hidden treasures and whimsical knick-knacks. As usual I found myself distracted, flipping through records and enjoying a cup of coffee when an amazing pair of leather boots grabbed my attention, followed by some antique silverware, and later a few dainty gold necklaces (a personal staple). As expected I ended up with a great present—a pair of gold stud earrings for my roommate and a few impulse purchases for myself including a gold ring and vintage bomber jacket. Check out the slideshow above for other items that caught my eye. 


The Melrose Trading Post is held at Fairfax High School, every Sunday from 9am-5pm (7850 Melrose Avenue).

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