5 Tips from Jumpsuit Designer Ripley Rader


Ripley Rader designs jumpsuits and only jumpsuits. We found her styles to be flattering on almost everyone (don’t believe us—check out her website featuring real women modeling her designs).  So who better to approach for some tips than Rader?  She shares her secrets on how to rock a jumpsuit in a flattering and effortless way.

1.     Find the right fit. If a jumpsuit lands at ones nature waist it can “give that coveted long and lean silhouette.”

2.     Add a belt. A waist clinching accessories produces a “put-together vibe.” Rader mentions she’s loving them in metallic and summer hues.

3.     Day to night. A transformation from a work appropriate jumpsuit to a dance club can be easily accomplished with a “bright lip and sky high heels.”

4.     Pack it. Whether on a “plane or poolside” it makes it the perfect globetrotting outfit.

5.     Enhance personal style. “A floppy hat with wedges lends a cool ‘70s groove” and “a fitted blazer and statement necklace can feel Parisian chic.”


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