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Bullish About L.A.

Billionaire booster Eli Broad on fixing the city and building his legacy Read more...

The Bigger Picture

Former studio head Sherry Lansing on leaving movies behind for a career focused on improving education and fighting cancer Read more...

Think Again

Explaining Islam to non-Muslims is part of Reza Aslan’s stock-in-trade, but the Iranian American, who broke his own “no-Fox rule” when he taped a headline-making segment on the network last week, is more than a talking head Read more...

Prophet Margin

Ben Goldhirsh, the founder of Good Worldwide, is putting his millions toward making L.A. a better place—and to making a buck Read more...

A Wealth of Reasons

Are rich people doing enough for the city? Multibillionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong on giving and getting by in Los Angeles Read more...

And Now, The Long Shot

Among Los Angeles’s field of mayoral candidates, Kevin James sticks out like plaid on polka dots Read more...

Grand Ole Soap Opry

Oscar-winning screenwriter Callie Khouri talks to us about her new ABC series Nashville, girls with guitars, and busboys who just might break your heart Read more...

Prince of the City

Control Central

That Other Election

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