Faith & Flower



Edgy but not alienating, ambitious but not brash: It’s a tough line to walk but necessary for a 165-seat restaurant near the Staples Center. The team behind Faith & Flower—including chef Michael Hung, formerly of the Bay Area’s La Folie—is trying to pull it off with a menu that plunks pizzas and Jidori chicken among adventurous, globally inspired creations. Oxtail agnolotti with bone marrow butter, beef tendon chicharrónes, and tangerine salsa smack of guilty-pleasure Chinese takeout. Japanese-style egg noodles are tossed with Berkshire pork and a miso “bolognese.” The wine list is thoughtful for those who care, familiar for those who don’t, and the cocktails—among them a tiki-ish Milk Punch—are killer. » 705 W. 9th St., 213-239-0642.

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  • everett-98osu-edu

    Congratulations to Chef Michael Hung and his team for being name America’s best new restaurant by Esquire Magazine!!!!!
    If you have been to Faith and Flower, go this very instance! The Oxtail Agnolotti alone, is worth the trip to DTLA!!