My LA to Z: Rick Yune

The former Bond villain and star of the upcoming film Olympus Has Fallen (out March 22nd) reveals a few of his health and wellness secrets, starting with where to find the best gluten-free pancakes and how to “train” for personal growth.




Le Petit Four

The owner is there all the time, which keeps it authentic. He is straight from France, and this is the representation of his work. You see him picking up food off of the tables, and it’s great to see someone care so much about what they do. That’s what America is built on, people coming together from different countries and taking pride in their work.

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Clinical Exercise Research Center in the USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy

The USC center is a great place for people who are looking to address issues that are hard to overcome. The director, Todd Schroeder, has a great center down there helping obese kids. I love to go there and talk to the kids; working with them in this kind of environment is the best kind of training for personal growth.

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The Nethercutt Collection

This museum showcases cars from the 1910s through the 1930s, great antique, vintage ones. I like classic cars. I think it would be too flashy to drive around in a Ferrari. I like the older MG cars, which are basically steel and bolts.

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Birrieria Jalisco

I discovered this place by typing “goat meat” in the search engine. Birrieria Jalisco’s specialty is goat meat. It’s the most amazing thing; they have been doing it the same way for 70 years. It has always been a family owned restaurant, and their food shows off the history of the Latin American culture. I travel to a lot of different countries, and I think the biggest indicator of a culture is what they eat. I was about to travel to South America and my research on what they eat down there led me to my hunt for goat meat.

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Zuma Beach

I like to surf, and Zuma Beach is one of my favorite spots. I enjoy being active on the beach, not just sitting there. I first learned to surf in Hawaii about ten years ago. Now, when I am in Los Angeles, I find time to surf. I’m no professional, but I can hold my own.

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The Grove

I love The Grove, especially around the holiday season. It’s similar to Rockefeller Center, and there aren’t too many places where you can just walk around in L.A. You have the Third Street Promenade, but The Grove is a bit more contained and has a certain vibe to it. I also love the attached Farmer’s Market. They even have a little French place that serves fondue.

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Hugo’s Restaurant

Places like this you cannot find anywhere else in the world. There was a research study that said gluten increases your risk of cancer, so I try to avoid gluten. Hugo’s has an extensive gluten-free menu and the best gluten-free pancakes.

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ArcLight Cinema

We have the best movie theaters in the world, and the ArcLight is great. I enjoy all kinds of movies. The last movie I saw in theaters was Jack the Giant Slayer, and before that it was A Good Day to Die Hard. And Amour, which I loved.

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