My L.A. to Z: Peter Farrelly

The Ojai resident and co-director of the upcoming film “Movie 43” (you likely recognize his name from such hits as Dumb and Dumber and There’s Something About Mary) reveals the one L.A. store he doesn’t mind stepping into and the chicken dish he swears will cure every ailment you’ve got.



Dan Tana’s

I have been going there for ten to 15 years. They just have a really homey feel. The food is excellent, but I really go there for the atmosphere. They make nice drinks and they have friendly people and an excellent bar. I like eating at bars. You end up meeting people and talking. I probably go there too much.

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I probably golf 20 times a year. I am not very good, but I do like it. I love to golf mainly because you get out there with your buddies and you bet. You forget everything else in your life because you make that $20 putt. Occasionally people will take me to Bel Air, which is like a little heaven. I have been golfing my whole life, and I should be much better than I am.




True Value

I am not a huge consumer. I get nauseated when my wife pulls me into a store. I start to sweat, and I feel sick. There is no place I like to shop, but I don’t mind hanging in a hardware store. I go to the local True Value just when I need something. I’ve never spent an hour or two in any store, though.

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I recommend the chicken and pork combo, extra crispy and with extra garlic. Whenever I am sick and I am getting over a cold or something I swear the extra garlic chicken at Versailles cures me instantly. It works for anything—it could be a heart murmur. Extra garlic chicken really does work. If you are feeling under the weather you obviously get it to go so you don’t get anyone else sick.

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If I’m going for a really special meal, I go to Capo. That place ain’t cheap, but it’s worth it. I sometimes stick with the fish, but I like to try everything.

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The Brentwood Restaurant

It’s comfort food, but it’s very good comfort food and it has got a nice bar. Every now and then we go for special occasions.

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  • Sharpeyes

    I love the Brentwood restaurant too, that photo though is not the Brentwood restaurant!