My LA to Z: Melanie Lynskey

The New-Zealand born actress, known for her work in Two and a Half Men and Up In the Air and the star of the upcoming Hello I Must Be Going, tells us where to get a good workout, a great bottle of Pinot, and maybe even a new couch




It’s an amazing restaurant on Melrose. They have an incredible tasting menu that they pair with great wine. I went there once with a vegan, two vegetarians, and two meat eaters and they made us all great meals—the food is really special and the chef was a genius.

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K&L Wine Merchants

They have a lot of good, obscure New Zealand wines, like the Pinot Noir from Otago. That’s always how I judge a store: on their selection of New Zealand wines. The staff is really great there, too, not pushy and really helpful.

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Seven Grand

My best friend and I have been going downtown a lot, which is fun. We found this place, a whiskey bar with crazy mint juleps that are delicious. My brother is visiting soon and I’m thinking of taking him there.

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Griffith Park

I’ve done so many hikes there and the view is so pretty. You can see downtown, Hollywood… everything. Sometimes you can even see all the way to the ocean. People are always surprised that there’s nature here.

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Hemmingway and Pickett

It’s a new-ish store on Sunset in Silver Lake. Great, great, great gift place. They have so much quirky stuff. I can’t go in there without buying something. They have a really nice collection.

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Lawson Fenning

My favorite thing is shopping for furniture. They make pieces themselves and it’s just so gorgeous. Probably 50% of the furniture in my house is from there. I go just for fun. I have a problem.

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Real Food Daily

It’s kind of a thing I do when I have two or three hours free: I sit at Real Food Daily and read a book and then usually I go up the road to a perfume store called Le Labo. They have these beautiful perfumes, and there’s one that you can only buy in L.A. Then I’ll go across the street to Joan’s on 3rd and pick up a cupcake to take home.

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