My LA to Z: Matt Greene

Although Los Angeles Kings defenseman Matt Greene says he doesn’t have much time for fun, he has managed to discover a handful of bars from downtown to Hermosa Beach. The 28-year-old also lets us in on his favorite meal and show in L.A.



North End Bar and Grill

After a long practice or game, I love to go to North End Bar and Grill in Hermosa Beach. It is so close to home, has the best people, good food, and always a fun atmosphere. I have been going there since I moved to L.A. three years ago. It was the first bar I found.  




Hermosa Beach

Someone is always playing volleyball or having a party—there is just always something going on. The town goes from 1st Street to 31st Street, and I used to live on 26th Street, so I always used to go to the strand on 26th street. It is definitely one of my favorite spots! 

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Martha’s 22nd Street Grill

If I have a day off, I definitely start it off at Martha’s. The White Corn Scramble will be the best breakfast you ever have.



Church and State

It’s my favorite restaurant because it has a little bit of everything. They have cured meats that are really good. I have been there multiple times and since they have such big portions, we always end up ordering a bunch of different things to share.

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The Greek Theatre

There is nothing better than an outdoor concert. I saw Phoenix at The Greek Theatre last year and loved the outdoor atmosphere. I also love seeing bands play at El Sid, Sunset Music Festival, and The Palladium.

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Golden Gofer and Villains Tavern

Whenever I have friends or family in town, obviously we go to the Kings game at the Staples Center. But after, we always go to Golden Gofer and/or Villains Tavern, two bars in downtown L.A. They have good vibes and are very laid back spots. I am not a club guy at all and I love it there because I can actually have conversations with the people I come with. Plus, they both serve PBR in a can—that’s a big draw.

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Suzy’s Bar and Grill

Whenever I want to relax, I go to Suzy’s, which is a small little pub in Hermosa Beach. It is outdoors and has great food. I always order Suzy’s Burger and they have rotating beers on tap so I switch it up and try what ever is new.  




I have no clue how to pronounce it but it is a German sausage beer house in downtown L.A. They have great food, a fun atmosphere, and delicious beers that are always good.  

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Lucha VaVoom

It is a Mexican wrestling and burlesque show. One of my friends was working on it so we went to the show on Cinco de Mayo at the Mayan Theatre. Everyone becomes a part of the show and it is in a very intimate setting. I went with a group of about 25 people and none of us knew what to expect but everyone loved it.

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The Thirsty Crow

The Thirsty Crow in Silver Lake is the best place that I discovered recently. It is a dark, small bar with great drinks and good music. Last time I was there they played Motown all night long. I am a huge fan of Motown.  

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