My LA to Z: Lisa Vanderpump

The reality TV star reveals her sugar obsession, where her dogs get spoiled, and the best place in L.A. for flower lovers



Photograph by Tracey Spence

Lisa Vanderpump is more than just a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. “I don’t actually spend hours on end shopping,” she says. The restaurateur, designer, and actress co-owns Villa Blanca, which just opened on Brighton Way. 
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The Ritz-Carlton, Dana Point

I just went here a few weeks ago for the first time and it was fabulous. Our room was right on the ocean, and the spa was amazing! It’s a really cute and quaint place. I love taking the Pacific Coast Highway there because it’s such a beautiful drive. We just did a three-day trip, which I prefer because I have my little dogs back at home. 

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Geoffrey’s Malibu

This place is just up PCH and right around Pepperdine University, where my daughter attended school. One of my favorite things to do is to have lunch on the beach. I love their jumbo coconut shrimp!

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The Flower District

If you’ve been to my restaurant, Villa Blanca, you know that flower arrangements are a big theme. Back when I lived in France, I’d go to the flower market all the time. I really love L.A.’s flower district, but now that I’m on the show, I’m not as anonymous as I used to be. You could buy dozens of roses there for $15 to $18 dollars, which is extremely cheap! One good tip is not to wear nice clothing. It will get dirty.

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The Ivy

I’m kind of boring and I usually get the same dish. The other night, I had curried mussel. I also love having the grilled vegetable salad with a cocktail.

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Chocolate is a huge problem for me. I could eat chocolate in the morning with a cup of tea. Actually, I sometimes do. I also eat some before I go to bed. Walking around L.A., you see all these wafer-thin girls and it can make you feel pretty bad, but oh well! I have to go on the treadmill for about two hours after eating just one bar.

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The Polo Lounge

I like coming here with friends and having sliders with a glass of red wine. I just really love eating, and I’m not a take-a-sandwich-on-the-go type of person. It’s a very European mentality. In France, they relax first and work later. They actually get the entire month of August off for vacation! I think we should do that. 

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Doggie Styles

I love this place, it’s quite a store for dog owners. I love my dogs. We bathe them ourselves. Occasionally, we’ll call mobile grooming units. Jiggy has no fur though, so he’s always wearing PJs that my husband and I dye.

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Santa Monica State Beach

In Los Angeles, I love that you can live in a city and then be at the beach within half an hour. I have two children, and I loved bicycling with them on the beach when they were younger. Now they’re older so it’s very hard to pin them down. Pandora, my daughter, is recently engaged, so we spend a lot of time with her fiancé, too. I try to get my kids to come home as often as I can. Usually, we just cook, eat, and play pool.

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