My LA to Z: Laz Alonso

The Avatar actor and star of the new TV show Deception reveals where he enjoys taking east coast visitors, his favorite superstore, and the theater where he feels like a like a kid again




Kitchen 24

In New York you can go to a fine dining restaurant and eat until one or two in the morning. L.A. is completely different. You have to eat by nine. Kitchen 24 is open really late. The last time I went was right after New Years. My trainer and I like to workout late at night, and then we’ll go to Kitchen 24 and grab an omelet. We basically have breakfast at night. They also have great vegetarian chili and cornbread that I love, especially in the wintertime.

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The beauty of L.A. is that you can work outside. That’s one of the things that I love most about L.A. There are some amazing hiking trails in Santa Monica, West Valley, Pasadena, and Pacific Palisades. When you do different canyons it really challenges you because it always keeps you guessing. I mix up the trails. Each one gives me a different environment, a different challenge.

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Arclight Cinema

I love watching movies. I can still watch movies as a viewer and not feel like I am part of this business. I can still be a kid watching Spiderman or Ironman in the theater and get wrapped up in the movie. Arclight has a strict policy; you can’t walk in after the previews are over. It eliminates people constantly disturbing your viewing experience. The seats are reserved so you can pick where you sit—it eliminates the drama of going to the movies.

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Home Depot

Home Depot is my second home. I am glued to HGTV. I TiVo the home and do-it-yourself shows and soak it all in. I just remodeled my home and tried to do whatever I could myself; its either a complete success or it’s a complete failure, but that is how I feel connected to my home. I pretty much know the place like the back of my hand, which is why I am able to go in to Home Depot, get what I need, and get out.

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Traffic L.A.

I just like that it’s on the cutting edge of elegant designer clothing. It’s not gaudy. They have nice slim fitting jeans and different cool designs and textures. They also have an extensive men’s line.

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I like a nice, good steak. Mastro’s is a place I will go if it’s just me and my agent or me and the guys. We go when we want that Old Hollywood feel. You feel like Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis Junior is on the other side of the room.

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The Original Farmers Market

Most of my friends come from the East Coast and they want to be outside when they are here because of the weather. I’ll take them to the Farmers Market. There is nothing like breaking bread with friends and having a good meal. They enjoy the outdoor selection of fresh produce and the convenience of the Grove right next door to pick up a few things.

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Taco Trucks

My family is Cuban, and we look at where the Cubans are eating to gauge if the food is good. I go to the taco trucks wherever you see real, authentic Mexicans eating. You know if they are eating there, it must be good.

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