My LA to Z: Kelly Lynch

Kelly Lynch loves mugwort tea, anything that’s organic, and getting lost in Griffith Park. Here the Magic City actress reminisces about her early days in L.A. and her favorite dog-friendly places to eat



Photograph by Meg Bannock




Café Gratitude

I’m a devout vegetarian and love the entire menu at this sweet restaurant. It has a dog-friendly area so I can bring my dog there. He’s a beautiful English Cream dachshund named Ram. The name comes from Mickey Rourke’s character in The Wrestler and the dog came to us from Mickey as well.

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Griffith Park

A lot of L.A. natives don’t know that Griffith Park is actually bigger than Central Park. It’s a fabulous place to hike. The fun of it is getting lost. I’ve probably hiked every trail. I live minutes away and can walk out my door and be in the middle of nature and city all at once. After a nice long hike I’ll reboot with an iced herbal tea and my favorite avocado sandwich at the adorable Trails Café. 

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Erewhon Natural Foods Market

Erewhon is an all-organic grocery store. It really puts every other health market to shame. You can literally walk through the aisles, grab things, and know they will be great and good for you. I’m on a first name basis with most of the employees. One time I won a basket full of healthy goodies and they all started cheering! The new tonic bar is amazing. If you are not feeling your best, have them whip up a specially made shot or tea for exactly what’s ailing you. I’ve kept many a cold at bay this way.

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Olympic Spa

The hot mugwort tea soaking pool is very detoxifying and relaxing. If you can handle it, right after your hot soak try the cold plunge. It’s great for your immune system and I swear it scares the cellulite right off your body! There’s also a cool oxygen charcoal therapy room, steam rooms, and saunas. I love having the Korean ladies give me one of their famously intense body scrubs after my soaking, then I hit the warm dark jade room to meditate. It’s a lovely way to spend afternoon with very moderately prices. Heaven!

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Lost and Found Etcetera

I bought Anjelica Huston a great gold clutch from Lost and Found—well, I bought two clutches, a black and a gold. I wanted to give her the gold but I knew she would like the black best so I kept the gold one. Lucky me! I also got two little girls lucky Chinese kitten hats you wear on your first birthday. You can find something for everyone 

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Little Dom’s

This is the perfect neighborhood joint elevated to great heights. Great food, great wine list, great crowd, great staff, and always a great time. I’m nuts about their margarita pizza. I add wild mushrooms, a kale salad, and maybe the grilled artichoke too. I have a huge appetite!   

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Il Piccolino

I love their Strozzapretti pasta and artichoke carpaccio or anything with truffles. It’s cool because you see a lot of amazing Old Hollywood actors, producers, and players, as well as groovy up-and-comers. I ran into Robert Evans there recently. It’s always amazing to hear one of his stories first hand.

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Body Maxx

I owe Body Maxx Fitness for keeping me in the best shape of my life for 15 years now. They got me ready to fight with Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels. Body Maxx trains everyone from an Olympic athlete prepping for this summer’s Olympics to several amazing clients in their nineties. You go in there and you workout, and you get a lot of attention and a lot of results.

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Chateau Marmont

When I was a young actress traveling back and forth from New York, the Chateau Marmont was my first L.A. home. It was the Chelsea Hotel of L.A. and had a cast of characters [that were] total originals. Rumor had it that frequent guest Michael O’Donohue, the legendary comic genius, drew little black mice with a sharpie pen in all the cheesy landscape paintings that are long since gone. It was a sort of hipster Where’s Waldo? trying to find the wee mice hanging from trees and swimming across rivers. We just had a party in the garden for my husband’s new show Magic City. It remains one of the best places to have a really good time. 

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The Tower Bar

My husband, Mitch Glazer, introduced maitre’d extraordinaire Dimitri Dimitriov and a certain Mr. Graydon Carter to Tower Bar owner Jeff Klein and the rest is history. There is no better place to feel a part of Hollywood glamour than the Tower. 

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I discovered paddle boarding this year and am hooked. Malibu is the perfect place to do a little paddling, perhaps a run on the beach, and some wetsuit body surfing when the waves are right. If it’s rainy, there’s great shopping around Cross Creek and you can’t beat the artichoke salad at Nobu. [Now] I’ve mentioned artichokes three times in my suggestions here.  

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Photographs courtesy (in order):  (1) flickr/wrestlingentropy, (2) flickr/bossco, (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8), (9) flickr/sarash_ackerman (10), (11) flickr/briYYZ

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