My LA to Z: Destructo

Electronic music producer and founder of cutting-edge EDM event company HARD, Destructo (né Gary Richards) is the man behind HARD. Here he fills us in on his favorite clubs, diners, and surf spots.




Dan Tana’s

Back in high school, my dad, who worked in the music industry, and I would go to Dan Tana’s because all the industry people went there. I still go there every Sunday. I like to go to places where I feel comfortable. It’s got a cool scene and the food’s really good. You have to get the mozzarella marinara, a big glop of fried cheese.

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Pulse Recording Studio

I prefer to work with analog rather than software, so I tend to produce techno here. It’s a great spot, with tons of people working all the time. It’s got five to seven rooms, with a really cool atmosphere.   

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Viper Room

I don’t think too many people still think about the Viper Room, but it’s got a unique history. I remember seeing Stone Temple Pilots there. It’s a good place to get a drink. I’ve done a couple DJ events there, too. I really like the vibe, and it’s close to my pad, which is also nice.    

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Nicholas Canyon Beach

I started surfing after graduating from high school in the early ‘90s. I was friends with these guys who lived out in Malibu. They showed me this spot, and I loved it because the waves run to the left. I’m better at boarding on my left side than on my right.   

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The 3 Clubs

All the actual nightclubs in L.A. revolve around bottle service and people asking, “Is Paris Hilton going to be there?” I don’t really want to go anywhere where she’s going to be. When I go to the 3 Clubs, I don’t hear dance music. They put on lounge or rock, something different. It’s a dark and proper club.

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Beverly Hills Hotel

The Fountain Coffee Room’s diner counter is a bit hidden from the rest of Beverly Hills. It’s a cool little Sunday spot. I usually come with the wife and kids. I get corned beef hash and then we hit the hotel pool. 

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