My LA to Z: Casey Abrams

Twenty-year-old American Idol alum Casey Abrams describes himself as a simple guy. The IBDIcons spokesperson buys three pairs of shorts and five T-shirts per year (Amoeba’s are a favorite). As for burgers, he’ll take his on a pretzel bun



The Grove

The Grove is like my second or third home. It’s near the place where we were shooting American Idol. I love the restaurants and the movie theater—and they also have the best hot dogs. I usually go there once or twice a week.

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Largo at the Coronet

This is the perfect place to spend a Saturday night. Jack Black invited me to go to a musical comedy there, and it was so cool to sit next to him and hear him laugh. The place has an intimate setting, good acoustics, and fits the right amount of people.

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Santa Monica

Before Idol, I used to go to Santa Monica Beach and play guitar next to the pier. One time a man came driving with a bicycle and we started to jam together. I love the vibe that this beach has.

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Griffith Park

When I am not running around my block, I like to head over to Griffith Park. The mountains are beautiful and the park is close to where I live. I went there with my grandparents many times as a child. Running is a great activity for me because of my disease, which is the reason I started doing it.

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Lucky Strike Lanes

It’s a cool bowling alley with a bar, and where I’d go on a date. I remember I went here with the Idol crew. I won and Haley lost, and it was cool to beat the winner of Idol.

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The Counter

I love this burger place. They have the most delicious burgers with scrambled eggs.

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Woodland Hills

This is where I go to get inspired and write songs or if I am bored or depressed. The view of the sunset over the Valley is amazing.



Hole in the wall

They have great burgers. I always order the pretzel burger. The first time I entered this place I got an amateur vibe, but that changed as soon as I started to eat.

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Amoeba Music

They have good bands that play there and funny T-shirts. I like T-shirts with either band names on them or ones that have funny messages. And I like the neon lights and the crazy cool people who hang out here.

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Mel’s Diner

I love this place. It gives me a feeling of being in the ‘50s. It’s a great place to hang out with friends and eat burgers. I usually get the plain burger, but sometimes I’ll add cheese. For dessert, it’s the chocolate mules.

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