My LA to Z: Candy Spelling

Spelling, whose new memoir “Candy at Last” hit bookshelves this week, is more than a little sweet on L.A. Here she shares her go-to spots for impeccable pot pie, an outdoor romp with her pup, Madison, and addictive red velvet cake

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1   El Floradita  

Yu-N-Mi Sushi

After a long day, I enjoy sitting down at the sushi bar at Yu-N-Mi. It’s quiet but full of life. The chef and owner Ted is spectacular and knows exactly what I like. From the rolls to sashimi to their eel sauce, their menu is tantalizing!

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Moksha Yoga


Il Piccolino

It’s one of my favorite Italian restaurants. They use locally grown and organic produce and beef that is grass-fed. They are very conscious of the benefits of fresh ingredients and what a difference they make both in taste and for the health conscious. When I’m there, I always feel like I have been swept away to Italy! The owners Eddie and Silvio are geniuses, and they have always made me feel special.

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Abbot's Habit


L.A. Live

Whenever I have guests in town, I love to take them downtown to L.A. Live. There are so many delicious restaurants, amazing entertainment opportunities, and venues. The Grammy Museum is spectacular, but the best is relaxing at the Ritz-Carlton spa.

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4   Hal's  

Exposition Park

Being a board member of the Los Angeles Parks Foundation, I cannot get enough of Exposition Park. I love roses, and their Rose Garden is exquisite. The fresh roses are so inviting to walk through. The exhibit next door at the California Science Center is fantastic, especially with young children. The space shuttle Endeavour can’t be missed.

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5   Cafe Gratitude  

Laurel Canyon Dog Park

This is one of my favorite places to go with my wheaten terrier, Madison. We both love it. It has wonderful areas for all dog sizes, small, medium and large. The huge three-acre off-leash area is Madison’s dream come true.

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6   901 Salon  

Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

This is one of the classiest and hottest new venues in Los Angeles. I am proud to share my love of this first class, technically superior theater not only because one of my dearest friends Wallis Annenberg created it, but also because it has opened up more space for additional exceptional plays and musicals.

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7   Cerveteca  

Nate ‘n Al Delicatessen

I’m a Los Angeles native, and this has been one of my go-to places for as long as I can remember. It’s where I can catch up with my dearest friends enjoying fabulous food off of their extensive menu and feel at home. The Beverly sandwich with roast beef, cole slaw, and Russian dressing is my favorite.

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8   Venice Beach  

The Grill On The Alley

When my interior designer is in town, we always have dinner there! The service is impeccable and the food is perfection. The chicken pot pie is by far the best in town. The restaurant brings back the feel of the old Hollywood glamour.

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9   Venice Beach  


I couldn’t make this list without mentioning Madeo. Their dishes have so much flavor. Their meat is mouthwatering, and the atmosphere is private yet gregarious. It’s a Los Angeles standard.

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10   Venice Beach  


When I’m in the mood for the most moist red velvet cake, this is the place to go. All of their scrumptious desserts are addictive. I have never had a bad treat there. The frosting is my favorite!

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