My LA to Z: Alison Sweeney

When Alison Sweeney isn’t hosting The Biggest Loser, starring in Days of Our Lives, or spending time with her children, she’s getting a “badass” workout. The new spokesperson for Yoplait Light lists her favorite places to do all of the above



Gelson’s Supermarket

Often date night is at home for my husband and I. I love to cook. Gelson’s is my absolute favorite supermarket! Going to Gelson’s is like therapy for me. I love supporting the L.A. community and its restaurants but it’s important for me to take care of my own eating habits as well.

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Hollywood Bowl

I met my husband [David] at the Hollywood Bowl. His parents and my parents are friends but we didn’t see each other throughout our teen years. I ran into him at a party his parents were hosting there years later, in the summer of 1998. We still go on dates to the Hollywood Bowl.

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Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

My mom is a classically trained violinist. I would go see her perform at the Music Center downtown. I remember being a kid and going to see her perform at the Dorothy Chandler. It was really special, I loved it.

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The Painted Nail

They have great mani-pedis. I’m obsessed because it’s just total girl time. I love getting different colors and I’m always mixing it up! My big statement that I make is with my nail polishes.

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Griffith Park Observatory

I work out in different state parks in Los Angeles, but I love Griffith Park. It’s huge and there are so many different things to do. I work out four to five times a week and love to mix it up. You can climb up the hill to the observatory and it doesn’t feel like L.A. I went on a class trip there when I was a kid. Now I bring my kids there to see the light show or to learn about astronomy. I even bring my kids there when I workout or go hiking. It’s a totally different experience working out with your kids. It’s like you get double the workout!

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Traditions Year-Round Holiday Store

I’m a sucker for holidays and they have awesome decorations for every holiday. Halloween is my favorite holiday, second to Christmas. My whole family gets into it. [My daughter ] Megan told me who I should be for Halloween and I was like, “Wait a second! I’ll be who I want to be!” She wants me to be Jesse from Toy Story and she wants to be Barbie.

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Made in LA

They have a spin class there that’s to die for. It’s really hard but so awesome. It’s rock and roll and totally badass!

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Mo’s Restaurant

I’ve been going there since I first got my job at Days of Our Lives. They still have the same exact salad I used to get when I first started going there. It’s a classic.

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