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dave roback mazzy star dead

Mazzy Star Cofounder David Roback Is Dead at 61

The L.A.-bred guitarist was also known for psych-rock revival band Rain Parade
hot pocket heiress

Hot Pockets Heiress Is the Latest Admissions Scandal Parent to Be Sent to the...

The Orange County mom from a prominent frozen-food family has been sentenced to five months
los angeles fraud

Los Angeles Just Had a Record-Setting Year for City Fraud Complaints

A City Controller report details looking into 543 cases of payroll transgressions, suspected kickbacks, ineffective management, and more
netflix streaming netflix ranking

Netflix Inches Toward Transparency by Posting Lists of Its ‘Most Popular’ Content

Rather than release conventional ratings, the streaming service will now offer daily rankings
school board race 2020 los angeles

Charges of Anti-Semitism Further Mar an Already Ugly L.A. School Board Race

The ideological battle between charter school advocates and public school advocates is heating up in the West Valley

A Look at Jake Paul’s Platform to Train Teens to Become Influencers Instead of...

The Financial Freedom Movement is the notorious YouTuber's answer to income inequality (or something)
george papadopoulos

George Papadopoulos Swears His Run for Congress in California Isn’t a Joke

The infamous Russiagate “coffee boy” nearly sank Donald Trump’s presidency. Now he’s moved to L.A. to become the new face of the GOP
jackie lacey cop money

Daily Brief: Police Groups Are Pouring Big Bucks into the DA’s Race

Also NAACP Image Award winners, Kirk Douglas's fortune, and Prada's new co-creative director
mad mike hughes rocket dead

Daredevil and Flat-Earther ‘Mad Mike’ Hughes Dies in Homemade Rocket Crash

The Barstow-based stuntman's ill-fated final flight was caught on video