Flashback Friday: Home Bars


Every Friday, we are publishing some truly classic archival content in honor of our ’80s-themed July issue. Here is an excerpt and art from “Home Bars,” a story that ran in our February 1980 issue, about true entertainment in the heydey of Pac-Man:

“Home bars relax people,” says architectural-antique dealer John Wilson, who roams the world gathering bars for homes and restaurants. “Even the shape of the bar forces closeness, challenges conversation and eases people into a good time. It’s hard to hold a glass in your hand and sit close to a friend at a bar in someone’s home and not feel good.”

Indeed, even in this era of video recorders and bleeping computer games, owners of home bars insist that they are still the undisputed center of entertainment, the focal point of whatever room they’re in.

The highly individualized constructions on these pages are graphic examples of the fact that those innocuous cookie-cutter “wet bars” ensconced in condo after condo are not what we mean by a “home bar.”

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