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Ava Gardner: Toasted hazelnut-infused bourbon, Benedictine, honey, bitters

A First Look at Butchers & Barbers’ Cocktail Program

Plus, how to pair the cocktails with chef Reyes’ comfort food

Legendary bartender Salvatore Calabrese showing perfect form.

5 Things I Learned From Cocktail Maestro Salvatore Calabrese

Mixology 101’s legendary mixologist schools me in how to make a Manhattan better

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Caña Rum Bar’s Angostura Bitters and Strawberry Ice Cream

Hold onto summer with this bitters-tinged ice cream

Drew’s “Saison Ete”

(provided by the Home Beer, Wine, and Cheesemaking Shop) Coriander, bitter orange peel, and black peppercorns add beautiful background notes in this rustic, Belgian- and French-inspired farmhouse ale. Malt Extract: Pilsen light liquid malt extract (9 lbs) Light rock candi sugar (1 lb) Specialty Malts: German wheat malt (12 oz) Vienna malt (8 oz) Acidulated […]

Dead Simple Hefeweizen

(from The Everything Homebrewing Book by Drew Beechum) A traditional Bavarian wheat beer that’s decidedly easy to brew. It’s the yeast strain that adds the telltale banana and clove aromas that this style is known for. Malt Extract: Wheat (weizen) liquid malt extract (6.60 lbs) Hopping Schedule: (Variety, amount, boil time) #1 Tettnanger (0.5 oz; […]