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Marty Stevens-Heebner

What makes her inspirational: Marty is an amazing Los Angeles businesswoman and entrepreneur, who has been a mentor to many women, including me. She’s incredibly supportive and generous, and is always willing to help with promotion or advice. She’s also a highly ethical woman. Her business practices always take into consideration what's best for her employees and for the world at large. I consider her a true role model and I know many other women who feel the same about her. She’s the founder and president of the award-winning Rebagz® Handbags line. Her designs have appeared in dozens of magazines, including the cover of WWD/Women’s Wear Daily, as well on the “Today Show.” Marty’s also an author and has been called a “fashion outlaw” because of the chances she takes in her designs, her life and her way of doing business.
Submitted by Kathy McCullough from Los Angeles On 11/15/2011