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Adriene Biondo

What makes her inspirational: When Papoo’s Hot Dog Show shut down last month, I realized I needed to step up and make an effort to preserve the charm and historical integrity of Burbank. But how? It all seemed so overwhelming. That’s where award winning preservationist Adriene Biondo stepped in. Although a complete stranger to her, she took me under her wing and helped me learn the ins and outs of saving our history. She knows the fight well. It was her efforts, along with others of the Modern Committee, that re-built Downey’s source of local pride, Johnie’s Broiler (built in 1958). Even after the Broiler was torn down illegally in 2007, Adriene kept the fight up for FOUR years. She tirelessly led rallies, benefits and worked with new owners, Bob’s Big Boy, to re-build the Broiler from its’ original blueprints. In fact, the LA Conservancy won the highest honor for preservation, 2010’s President’s Award. Adriene is not one to brag about herself, but her enthusiasm for Southern California is inspiring. She’s not only the savior of a local landmark, but has served as the Modern Committee’s Chair from 2005-2008, is an author (along with husband John Eng) of Southern California Eats Pts. 1 and 2 and in a city stereotyped for people who are not always genuine, Adriene is the real deal.
Submitted by Sarah Wise from Burbank, CA On 10/7/2011