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Beth Doane

What makes her inspirational: Beth Doane (28 years old) is an environmental activist who is making a major difference in the lives of children and families. Her 100% eco-fashion line, Rain Tees ( features the artwork of children living in the Brazilian Rainforest and for every tee sold, a tree is replanted in the rainforest. She travels to the villages and meets with the children and families, and conducts inspiration drawing sessions with the kids. To date her company has donated over $20,000 in school supplies and replanted over 20,000 trees. She continues to work tirelessly on behalf of the children living in the forests, the endangered species there and the continuing deforestation and pollution of those precious areas. She also worked on the Chevron oil spill case in Ecuador - she wrote an amazing article about her experience with the case and the people in the villages who were affected by the spill. Chevron was just ordered to pay $9 billion - bringing the case back in the news after 17 years!! Beth has always stayed true to her vision and mission to be a completely sustainable company. She has turned down million dollar offers to produce her tees oversees and not use completely eco-friendly fabrics and production methods - a rare decision among today's business people.
Submitted by Deanna Reyes from Los Angeles, CA On 10/5/2011