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Carmin Wong

What makes her inspirational: Carmin Wong is motivational in many ways that will make anyone whose part (big or small)of her life feel empowered to reach for their own goals on whatever it may be including personal growth and enrichment. She's an outstanding example of the "American Dream". Who dreams, takes the opportunities and make them happen. She's highly self-driven and believes in hardwork and perserverance and in the process gaining respect from all sorts of people particularly from those in her line of works. However, her greateast passions extends beyond herself. She cares very much about her family, friends, and the people in her community. She finds the time to spend quality time with them and makes them feel like they are her priorities. She not only encourage them but also helps them in fullfilling their own dreams. In summary, what makes her most inspirational is that she dreams and makes them into reality. She strives to learn to be the best at what she does, makes them her passions and shares them with others.
Submitted by Michelle Viloria from Detroit, MI On 9/30/2011