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Liz Levitt

What makes her inspirational: Liz Levitt is inspirational in more ways than one. Not only is she an active philanthropist for the music and performing arts industries, but she also helps provide over 300 free concerts around the country each year with the Levitt Pavilions program. Liz is the heart of national nonprofit Levitt Pavilions. She is inspiring because her efforts never cease to amaze those around her. Liz Levitt's involvement in the Levitt Pavilions program has captured the attention of audiences and inspired leadership in communities across the country. Her extraordinary passion for music makes her an inspiration to women everywhere. Levitt Pavilions is a national nonprofit that provides free live music across the country to over 450,000 people each year. With pavilions in six cities, the Levitt Pavilion mission is to inspire and strengthen communities through the gift of music. Liz Levitt is a critical part of both continuing to provide free live music, and making the dream her father, Mortimer Levitt, had come true. Levitt Pavilions currently has pavilions in Pasadena and Los Angeles, California. Find more out on the website.
Submitted by Amy West from Austin, TX On 9/30/2011