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Style Scare: We’re Afraid This Adult Onesie Is Not a Halloween Costume

We just hope it’s not the next Snuggie, either

Photograph courtesy Facebook/ZooopItUp

I’ve been shopping for onesies a lot lately, and I would be lying if I said aden + anais’s easy swaddle numbers haven’t made me think twice about how comfy they might be to wear—for a baby. I’m expecting my first child this winter, and the simple act of shopping, once a favorite pastime, has become a foreign experience. Solids seem suddenly daring, sizing a never-ending conundrum. Which is why it took me a few seconds—not just a half of one—to react in horror to an email heralding Zooop iT Up’s line of adult onesies, combi-shorts and dresses.

Pitched as the perfect clothing option “for people who know the world is their playpen,” there are apparently 42 styles of Zooop iT Up products available in a variety of patterns and colors. Zooop’s founder-designer, Fabien, is hoping you’ll select one to wear while going from “downward dog into the urban jungle.”

But, please don’t. 

Look, I’m all for comfortable dressing; I’m a jeans and T-shirt girl through and through. Hell, I’ve been known to don a Snuggie—at home. But “I’d rather be comfortable than dress within a few decades of my age” isn’t a fashion statement, it’s a fashion excuse. And who needs an excuse when boyfriend jeans, oversized cashmere sweaters, pajama-inspired blouses and so many more relaxed-yet-stylish options abound? Looking effortlessly chic has always been in vogue. Putting no actual effort into our look? Let’s grow up.

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  1. YoungBuck posted on 10/31/2013 07:22 AM
    I LOVE my future Zooop suit. A friend of mine bought two and let me borrow it for a trip to NC a week ago. I finally put my order in for a black one and should be here within the next week. Why be normal...and who cares what people think. For me it's all about the comfort and not about looks. You can't knock it until you try it. VERY well made and feels like a premium product. I friend has had his for 2 months and his is bright yellow and still hasn't faded nor shown any signs of use.
  2. Gerry posted on 10/31/2013 10:10 AM
    Lets not be too hasty I bought something similar from and its rather comfy - but for round the house rather than the catwalk.
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