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Ann Romney Wears L.A. Designer Connie Roberson

Months of campaigning—of public appearances, speeches, debates, and those unavoidable prop commercials—will come to a dramatic close tomorrow as voters elect America's next leader. The race between President Obama and Mitt Romney has undoubtedly captured our attention, but comparisons between first lady Michelle Obama and her opposition Ann Romney have also earned their fair share of media buzz (remember the matching "Pepto" pink dresses from the second Presidential debate?).

Though the election is about selecting the man best suited to run the country, I found myself wondering who would make a better first lady? Well, Michelle has always attracted positive media attention, especially for the way she can wear designer labels and common brands with equal poise. I, however, am more interested in the way Ann Romney stays focused on real issues while developing a ‘politically correct’ style of her own. For instance, she has been photographed on several occasions wearing Los Angeles designer Connie Roberson’s collection and I believe Ann deserves some praise, not only for finding classic pieces like the linen Rona Francis Pool jacket (above) and the white Sasha wrap blouse (below), but also for supporting local designers.

We spoke with Connie Roberson, a former model who is now President and Chief Designer of her Venice-based clothing company Connie Roberson Inc. She was pleasantly surprised when she heard that Mrs. Romney was one of her returning customers. We asked her why her collection might suit a woman like Mrs. Romney and Roberson explained, “I think [the clothes] are sophisticated [but] I don’t think they overshadow the person wearing them. They enhance. In general, they make women look pretty and confident.” I agree that the collection's timeless cuts and flattering colors accentuate a woman's natural beauty and figure without stealing the show. This strategy has been very successful for Romney, whose winning personality hasn’t been outshined by her clothing. 

When we asked Connie Roberson about her creative process, she stated, “My inspiration generally starts from the fabric.” Though it is not my opinion that appearance should necessarily weigh in on a vote, it makes sense that a woman of quality material looks best in clothing inspired by the same thing.


Photographs courtesy of Connie Roberson Inc.